We're proud to live
on the North Shore of Lake Superior.
For 30 years,
we've worked to restore and protect it.
With efforts lead by
passionate and committed local volunteers.
Community. Action. Research.
We're aiming for a better Lake Superior.


Remedial Action Plans deal with environmental impairments in Areas of Concern on the Great Lakes. This includes chemical, physical, and biological degradation resulting in pollution and impacts to habitat. Click here to find out how the RAP began, and see timelines of AOC accomplishments.

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Of 43 Great Lakes “Areas of Concern” (AOCs), 7 are located on Lake Superior. The North Shore RAP deals with the four Canadian AOCs: Thunder Bay, Nipigon Bay, Jackfish Bay, and Bruce Peninsula. Find out more about the restoration and protection of each site here.

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As part of our mandate, the North Shore RAP is making an active effort to stay engaged with political, environmental, economic, research, and social news across Lake Superior and the Great Lakes. Visit our parent site InfoSuperior.com for news, events, mapping, lake data, weather reports, and more.

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