Peninsula Harbour – Documents

Remediating the Peninsula Harbour Area of Concern has been a significant undertaking, and through this process a variety of key reports and studies have been produced. Many of these important documents are available to you below.

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Over the course of several years the Community Liaison Committee (CLC) met on behalf of the public to discuss issues related to the Remediation of the Peninsula Harbour Area of Concern (located near Jellicoe Cove, Marathon, Ontario). The minutes of these public meetings are provided below:

During the CLC’s discussions related to the thin-layer sediment capping project within the Peninsula Harbour various presentations were given to the public that discussed the history of the Area of Concern, the progress that was being made and planning/design work for future projects. In addition, letters were written back and forth between various key players and the CLC. These presentations and letters are available below:

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